In the Bleak Midwinter — Drawn In

I finally cut down the last of my baptisia pods, which were attractive in the fall, but had become bent over and forlorn since the last snow. Still, I liked the shape of this stem and decided that a stark portrait might be fitting for the first day of winter. Christina Rosetti penned In the […]

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The Great Christian Double Standard

I noticed my mother got into a Facebook argument the other day over a video claiming that Middle Eastern extremists/terrorists might act more humane if they were treated with respect, and that they have legitimate policy concerns.

She said, “What policy concerns did they have when they beheaded 30 Ethiopian Christians on the beach, crucified children or raped thousands of women and young girls? That’s not a policy concern. That is EVIL.”

I think it’s interesting that she condemns these acts as evil, but worships someone who (according to their own holy book) systematically killed every firstborn child in Egypt in a single night, wiped out the whole world with a flood, talked about ripping babies out of pregnant women’s bellies, and more.  How can Christians call genocide and murder evil, and still worship a deity that has committed genocide?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Why are people okay with the belief that deities are exempt from their own rules of morality?

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My First Haiku

there is a dull ache

inside my cold and tired bones

that never dozes

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Things I Learned Today

  1. There is a small group of babushkas in Chernobyl that returned there in solidarity after the nuclear reactor accident.
  2. Apparently they are doing just fine.
  3. Apparently the affects of radiation are reduced with age.
  4. When you sleep, your brain loosens and allows your cerebrospinal fluid to wash out any toxic waste that may have accumulated during the day.  This is why lack of sleep is linked to Alzheimers and other diseases.
  5. Buddhists don’t worship Buddha.  They may keep statues of Buddha merely as reminders to develop peace and love within themselves.

What a day.

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shorter — Project words

shorter days

longer logs

in the hearth

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found this on my old tumblr from 2012:

today when i woke up
i stared out the window and wondered
whether you remember everything that i remember
or if you forgot me as easy
as everyone else

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Long Beach


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Apparently I gained followers last night.  I’m not sure why any of you want to read this garbage, but I shall henceforth make an effort to be as interesting as possible (am I even capable of being interesting?)

All that aside: it’s a rainy day in SoCal, and I am currently burning a Peach Prosecco candle, drinking green tea, and contemplating all of the various ways I can spend my day off without eventually hating myself.  The world is wide, my room is small, my cat is grumpy with me for reasons unknown, and I am in tremendous need of a pep talk.

That’s all for now.


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Capturing the Eerie Beauty of Modern Ruins — Discover

Is there anything spookier than the haunting beauty of abandoned buildings? In time for Halloween, we revisit these gorgeous shots of 20th-century ruins, and the bloggers who devote their time to documenting them.

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Oy Vey.

While I was at work tutoring English over the summer, a girl at school walked by and saw me reading The Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.  She insisted that the third book is the best of the trilogy.  Fast forward to today, when I finish The Glass Sword only to realize that the third book doesn’t even come out until February effing 17 of next year.  I’ve been trolled.

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